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We Are a Family Owned Small Business

We hope you enjoy the hospitality of our brand and customer service. Headquartered up in Northwest Georgia, we welcome all walks of life to the world of CBD and (for those 21 and up) Delta 8. 

We work hard to educate consumers, and provide to you the best of the best. 

A few words
from Calley:

High! I’m so happy you’re here, friend.

My name is Calley Craton and I am so proud to introduce to you our brand of consumable cannabis named after my online personality, Calley Kush.

I attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama- the number one agricultural research university in the world. From there, I learned the ins and outs of legitimate agricultural practices in hopes that it would translate towards the cannabis industry when the opportunity would finally present itself. A half year from graduation, that opportunity finally showed.

From there, my career kickstarted in Nevada where I helped manage the number one grossing retail dispensary in a what was then a 7 state, 52 location marijuana conglomerate that has since doubled in size. I ran a marketing position for a Nevada based vertically integrated company where I worked as a brand ambassador, regional marketer and completed research analysis. Then finally I got my dream job on a marijuana cultivation, where after 3 promotions in 3 months, I ran the vegetative supervisor position of a 35,000 sq foot of marijuana farm. (that’s almost an acre, for perspective)

After four years in the legal Marijuana Industry, you could say I’ve seen all the pros and unfortunately all the cons that the cannabis industry has. I decided it was my turn to step aside and found Calley Kush to bring products to market that resonate with my passions for the cannabis space.

It has always been my self-proclaimed destiny to grow and create cannabis medicine that is healthy, sustainable, and without the 10x markup of greedy vendors. In addition  listening to the market trends (even though they may be controversial) like Delta8 is powerful for locations that suffer from anti marijuana policies. Hemp derived Delta 8 and Delta 10 help consumers with absolutely no legal marijuana opportunities find cannabis provisions for health and wellness that resonate with their own decisions to use alternative healing. More importantly I wanted products that are grown ethically, tested fully, and made with a clear understanding of what medicine needs to be out here in our world. I want to give the people what they want, while helping create a market that celebrates diversity, women, and small business in a now ever narrowing host of Cannabis Leaders and Owners.

All of these products are staples in my daily life. You can rest assured that all products in the Calley Kush’s line are tested, selected, handcrafted and handpicked by Calley Kush to create a one of a kind experience in relaxation and wellness.

Do not hesitate to connect, or ask questions. Thank you so much for reading this far. Love and light to you.

xoxo, Calley

"All of these products are staples in my daily life."
Calley Craton
Founder, Owner
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